Iowans in the TechStars network

“TechStars is the #1 startup accelerator in the world.”


TechStars is perhaps the best-known startup accelerator program. They claim to take only the top 1% of startups who apply, run them through a 3 month program and end with "demo day" where they pitch their prototype to hundreds of investors.

The following is a list of Iowans (current and expat) who have participated in the TechStars accelerator program either at one of the TechStars proper locations (Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, London, New York and Seattle) or in one of the "Powered by TechStars" branded accelerators (Nike+ Fuel Lab in Portland, Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator in Kansas City, R/GA Connected Devices Accelerator in New York, Kaplan EdTech Accelerator in New York, and TechStars Cloud in San Antonio).

If you're an Iowan interested in participating in TechStars, I'd encourage you to reach out to these folks and get their feedback and tips on the process. 

Note - This list is short (now) as I'm sure that I'm missing several Iowa expats who are in the TechStars network. Please include their names in the comments and I'll update the post. 

TechStars Boston

Karin Brandt - Class of 2013

Co-Founder & CEO - CoUrbanize

Online: Twitter, LinkedIn and AngelList

Brent Grinna - Class of 2011

Founder & CEO - EverTrue

See Brent's post on the EverTrue blog: "Three Take-a-Aways from a TechStars Alumnus

Online: Twitter, LinkedIn and AngelList

Nike+ Fuel Lab powered by TechStars (Portland)

Brad Candullo- Class of 2013

UI - (formerly RecBob)

Online: Web, Twitter, Linkedin and AngelList

Alex Frazier - Class of 2013

Co-Founder - (formerly RecBob)

Online: TwitterLinkedin and AngelList

Chris Quartier - Class of 2013

CTO & Co-founder (formerly RecBob)

Online: TwitterLinkedin and AngelList

John Schnipkoweit- Class of 2013

CEO & Co-founder - (formerly RecBob)

Online: WebTwitterLinkedin and AngelList

Nick Silhacek - Class of 2013

Co-founder - (formerly RecBob)

Online: WebTwitterLinkedin and AngelList

TechStars New York

Trevor Owens - Class of 2013

Founder - Lean Startup Machine

Online: Twitter, Linkedin and AngelList

TechStars Seattle

Buzz Bruggeman - Mentor

Co-founder - ActiveWords

Online: TwitterLinkedin and AngelList