Bawte launches version 3.0


Bawte (Des Moines) launched version 3.0 today for iOS and web. Bawte has refocused a bit in this version and is now aiming to be the "one place to go for everything you need to know about the products you own."

I asked Bawte's founder John Jackovin (a friend) about what's different in this version of Bawte:

"Really our FOCUS is what is different. The core “what a user does” is essentially the same, meaning the Tagging of a product to indicate they purchased it. We didn’t solve a big enough problem before. So we looked at the biggest problem people have when owning something and it always falls back to support. Product support sucks. That’s not to say that all companies suck at product support. Actually there are some that are awesome. What I mean by that is product support sucks for consumers.

Think about it, a consumer may have to deal with a specific manufactures support system (phone, email, web, social, etc.) maybe once or twice in their lives. Any more than that and they are not going to be a customer for long. So any time a consumer wants info or needs help, it is a laborious process for them to find what they need. With Bawte, the process is the same regardless if you are dealing with a toaster, TV or refrigerator. This makes it easy for the consumer. On our side we can create reproducible experiences which makes it better for the brands as well.

Supporting the consumer through the entire post-purchase experience is our mission."

Download Bawte on iOS here.

Note - I was part of the Bawte test group

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