3 questions with the CEO of social media agency Sculpt

Josh Krakauer - Co-Founder and CEO at Sculpt

Connect with this Iowa Citian on Twitter, at the IC CoLab or May's Cafe. He says: "a few friends and I are trying to seed it as the new startup spot. Word on the street that VC's are crawling all over that place. RAYGUN is close by so it's worth the trip."

What is Sculpt and what do you do there?

Sculpt is Iowa City's Social Media Agency, but our vision is to become "the creative agency for a connected generation." We position ourselves as an outsourced digital marketing team for startup, regional and national brands. We're a few steps below global conglomerate holding agency status at 11 sculptors, but we're only two years young and get things done (I'm truly, truly sorry that rhymed). We also hate stock photos and love the color orange. 

For the past two years I've fit the archetype of a "Chief Everything Officer", but that's starting to change for the better. I no longer have my signature on every tweet, but still oversee new business, client strategy, hiring, our creative, community, and digital teams plus Friday-after-Sculpt beer selection. We also have a big idea backlog on our SCRUM board because I'm the guy that interrupts work to shout, "We need to build a website for that!" ...daily.

What's the best social marketing campaign you've seen in the Creative Corridor?

Creative WeekIowa Brag and FilmScene's crowdfunding campaign come to mind, and not because we had our hands in them. They exemplify what happens when wicked smart, creative types collaborate, not compete and succeeded in their mission to make people take action and pride in the region.

If a wizard reset every company's Facebook likes and Twitter followers to zero, which platform should you rebuild first and who hits the 1MM count first?

Twitter, no doubt. 

I used this as an interview question with someone deeply ingrained in the Twitter influencer community and have it on good authority that @TweetLikeAGirl or @UberFacts would have the best shot at winning the race, as is stands today. Not quite your standard brands but dedicated Twitter publishers (like these) deliver compelling, share-worthy content to a hyper-engaged audience at a rate most companies can't match. They have more name recognition on the platform than some celebrities.

@WelchAvenue would come in at a close second, of course

Photo Credit: Headshot from wearesculpt.com, sandwich board photo from Facebook.