Gravitate Weekly Update

Weekly Project Status


Big shout out to three more sponsors who pledged support to Gravitate this week: TwilioMeidh and Miller, Fidler & Hinke.

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Coworking Members


We hit a big milestone last week and officially filled all of the offices that we planned for at Gravitate! We continue to have interest from others who want to join in the community (and need an office) so we're incrementally expanding into another floor in the building (that's pretty awesome!).

Fixed Desks

We've heard from several members and potential members about the need for "fixed desk" space at Gravitate. With a fixed desk membership, you get a space that is all yours. You can leave your stuff overnight (external monitors, photos of the fam, assorted desk tchotchkes, etc).

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Social Members

Social members continue to grow — 24 and counting!

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Construction Update

The demolition process continues to move along and is almost complete. Still ahead of us is finishing out the spaces where we removed walls, adding flooring, painting, etc. I've added a few photos from this week below.


Thanks to Kyle Oppenhuizen from the Des Moines Business Record for sharing the Gravitate story this week: A Closer Look: Geoff Wood