Iowa Innovators Seeking Jobs

This is a reverse job post, members of the Iowa Innovation Community looking for a new role or people wanting to move to Iowa to be part of our awesome state.

Sarah Whittlesey, Marketing Professional

[Based in Des Moines and willing to move for the right position] 

I have hands-on experience in production management, print buying and media placement. My current role allows me to be involved of nearly every aspect of business from prospect marketing to customer retention. I'm passionate and hardworking.

I really want to work for: a company with passionate leaders who deeply care about their customers and strive to be the best. Not product specific, but looking to work with people who give their best-and expect to get in return. Prefer small to mid size company in central Iowa.

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Chelsea Gaylord, Social Media Strategist

[Based in Colorado and looking for remote work]

Originally from Cedar Rapids, IA, I've been part of the VegasTech, Downtown Project, and Creative Corridor startup communities. I have helped companies and organizations at various stages grow their social following.

I'm looking to do some temporary, remote contracting work with companies looking to develop a social media strategy and/or grow their online following.

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Jakob Pederson, Enthusiastic Learner.

[Based in Seattle and looking to move to Iowa]

I come from a software QA background and in my current position I have to wear several hats: I build game files for QA, troubleshoot those games, and submit those builds to the App Store. I also work as a backup for testing on devices.

I really want to work for: a tech company that would give me opportunities to build stronger skills and gain experience in newer areas.

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