Iowa Innovators Seeking Jobs

This is a reverse job post, members of the Iowa Innovation Community looking for a new role or people wanting to move to Iowa to be part of our awesome state.

Andrew O'Bleness, growth hacker/ jack of all trades

[Based in Des Moines and willing to move]

I have started a venture of my own, before I got sick last year and put it on the back burner. Since being in remission, I want to get back into the startup world, and want to learn and become better through working with great startups.

I really want to work for an innovative startup. My entry into the startup world was with health and wellness, but now I am interested in many sectors and what they do. I have helped with an educational-based startup, and learned from friends doing tech and design startups.

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Tyler Scott, Social Media Marketer

[Based in Ames and willing to move]

I enjoy listening to the Freakenomics podcast & scrolling through Instagram just as much as swimming & backpacking. I’m a marketer, a freelancer, & a fast learner! I've done online community management for multiple organizations, & loved them all!

I really want to work for a group that has a fun/can-do attitude! Big or small, doesn't matter, as long as we get quality work done with a smile, I'm in! I do hope to practice more than just social media - I really like branding, as well!

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