Top 10 Events at EntreFEST 2015 for Welch Avenue readers

EntreFEST has been sponsoring our weekly email digest the past few weeks and their copy for this week's edition was so good that I wanted to feature it here as a post as well. Enjoy! — Geoff

Today’s the Day! 

If you haven’t yet, register for EntreFEST today to save $100 on your Full-Access Pass. Use the code WelchAve to save $50 off the already-discounted price. This exclusive (and ridiculously great!) offer goes away at midnight tomorrow (April 30).

Top 10 Events at EntreFEST 2015 for Welch Avenue readers: 

  • Ben Milne’s talk at the Opening Session
  • The Opening Party & Ignite sponsored by the Iowa Startup Accelerator and curated by John Schnipkoweit,
  • Geoff Wood’s conversation on storytelling and startup community building
  • Every event Sarah Kunst speaks at (Marc Andreessen named her one of his ‘Unknown Rockstars in Tech’)
  • TAI’s Tech Town Hall and Statewide TechBrew
  • Wade Arnold’s ‘Built in Iowa’ story
  • John Pappajohn’s Fireside Chat
  • Mentor & Investor Speed Dating hosted by Emerge
  • Accelerator Speed Dating with the Global Accelerator Network 
  • Lessons in R&D from the ISU Research Park
  • The Startup Iowa Champions Meetup
  • Every session in SoftLayer’s Founders Track

Ok, yes, this did end up being a Big 12 List instead of a top ten...we couldn’t resist! And there are 100 more speakers, sessions, events and parties we hate to leave out and that you definitely won’t want to miss (i.e. Jay Byers talk on the role of economic development, Trevor Owens sharing Lean Startup Machine, Jon Thompson’s digital signage project, core conversations with key staff at TechStars, Facebook, Farm Bureau, PearDeck, EDC, and so many others)! 

And did we mention Seth Godin will give the closing keynote?

EntreFEST is off the hook this year, and you need to be there. There’s no better way to connect with the statewide startup community and fuel your company for the next year with new inspiration, partners, resources, and like-minded friends. 

See the full schedule and register at today!