Gravitate to host U.Lab hub to transform business, society, and self

Geoff's note: The post below is from Lucas Freed, a local UX and creative professional who had the idea to bring the U.Lab Hub to Gravitate and will be facilitating locally.

If you’re interested in transforming your business, your society, or yourself—read on. There is a six week #MOOC (massive online open course) that begins on September 10th called U.Lab. It is called ‘massive’ because already there are over 10,000 people enrolled across the world! U.Lab is offered via the edX platform and is offered by MIT in partnership with the Presencing Institute. Oh yeah, and the best part is there is NO COST

What is U.Lab?

U.Lab is a class that teaches students how to move from ego-centric to eco-centric by using a concept called Theory U. This method was developed by Dr. Otto Schramer, senior lecturer at MIT and instructor of the U.Lab course.

To learn more visit the course homepage.

Gravitate to host Des Moines U.Lab Hub

A part of the course is the U.Lab Hub. A hub provides the ability for groups of people to gather in-person to connect and view the four live-streamed sessions together. This is not required but being made available by Geoff (thanks Geoff!)

Join the Des Moines U.Lab hub at the hub page

All live-sessions are 9:00 - 10:30am Central Time:

  • Sep 17th - live session #1 U.Lab Week 1 - Co-initiating our U.Lab journey
  • Oct 8th - live session #2 U.Lab Week 4 - Presencing: connecting to Source
  • Oct 29th - live session #3 U.Lab Week 7 - Co-evolving prototype initiatives
  • Dec 17th - live session #4 U.Lab Week 7+7 - Sharing results, co-shaping the journey ahead