Geoff's Blog: Power Ranking Iowa Startups

Every Wednesday Geoff publishes "The Pull", a digest of the top news for the Iowa innovation community that week. The following is the introduction to issue #145.

I published my first Power Rankings for the Iowa startup community this past week. As I mentioned earlier, the idea is to recognize the companies that are moving and shaking statewide at any given time and to help highlight their accomplishments on a regular basis.

It's also a way to bring more company names into the general consciousness of our community so that when someone asks you a question like "what are the most interesting startups in Iowa these days?" you have some names ready to share (and even a little background on why those companies are doing interesting things).

One cool side note: I sketched out the initial five companies in late March to include on the first Power Rankings post in mid-April but when it came time to write that post, two completely different companies had made moves to bring themselves in the top five. Can you guess which ones?