Iowa Startup Power Rankings—June

Power Rankings Month #3! This month the rankings could be thought of as "startup community" rankings as two support organizations that do a lot for entrepreneurs in Iowa make the list for the first time and in the top two positions. They're followed on the list by three startups, two of which return to the rankings for their second straight month. Click here for the May rankings.

Just so you don't forget: here are the rules.

June Power Rankings

1. NewBoCo (Cedar Rapids)


EntreFEST is back! NewBoCo announced this month that they have taken ownership of our state's largest entrepreneurial gathering. EntreFEST, originally founded by the University of Northern Iowa in 2008, was an annual event until it was cancelled earlier this year. Plans are being made now for the 2017 event on May 4-5 in Iowa City. NewBoCo also has six current job openings—including a "Director of EntreFEST—in case you know someone looking.

2. IWLC Invest in She (Cedar Rapids/Des Moines)


Invest in She, a pitch competition for women entrepreneurs produced by Iowa Women Lead Change, held events in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids this month. Between the two events, they awarded $70,000 of "support" to 12 companies. 

3. Drive Spotter (Des Moines/Omaha)


Drive Spotter, an Omaha-based startup with a team in Des Moines, was selected to participate in the Techstars Mobility accelerator program in Detroit. They're just the 4th startup with Iowa-ties to participate in the ever-expanding Techstars empire.

Drive Spotter raised a $750,000 seed round in March.

4. TelePharm (Iowa City)


TelePharm makes the rankings in back-to-back months following their big win as the "No. 1 Small Company" on the Corridor Business Journal's Coolest Places to Work list. 

TelePharm has 19 employees, operates in 12 states and raised $2.5MM in 2014.

5. Men's Style Lab (Des Moines)


There wasn't a lot of specific news out of Men's Style Lab this month but as established in the rules, you're on this list until someone unseats you. MSL's big month in May and subsequent #2 ranking keeps them holding strong in the fifth position this month.

Men's Style Lab has 15 employees and has raised nearly $3MM in capital.