Michael W. Clark

Michael Clark is a native Iowan and a dedicated freelance software developer who loves the freedom and creativity it offers him. At the same time, he’s a naturally social animal, and, after moving back to Des Moines from a stint in Wisconsin in early 2016, Michael realized that he missed the routine, structure and camaraderie that a traditional setting sometimes offers. So, he signed up at Gravitate.

Michael’s career is fueled by curiosity. After dismantling his family’s VCR’s and toasters, computers seemed, finally, to satisfy his hunger for learning and were a “never-ending” source of fascination. As a result, Michael’s been working as a software developer in some capacity since he was twelve years old. Shortly after high school, he met a friend from India with complementary skills, and they started a freelance software development business together through web based marketplaces like elance. It was that experience that taught Michael it was possible not only to make a living but to thrive as a self-employed developer. Since then, he has worked in settings as large as Nationwide Insurance but ultimately feels most satisfied by freelance work. 

Michael’s software expertise is both deep and wide. “I'm a huge nerd,” said Michael, “And program in more languages than I care to count anymore. I specialize in full stack development and architecture with a heavy emphasis on MVC development over the last 5 years.” With hardware, software, database, web and mobile experience, Michael’s able to find just the right touch points within a given software life cycle. His love for taking on new and varied software challenges often sets him apart from the competition. When asked where he would like to be professionally in the future, Michael responds that, like most, he’d like to increase income, but, other than that, “I’m there. I love the problems I’m solving.”

A contented father and family man, Michael has a three year old boy, and he enjoys introducing him to the outdoors. From camping, hiking, biking and fishing to the art and science of mushroom hunting, Michael rarely passes up an opportunity to get outside. Michael’s religious faith is important to him and that part of his life is a source of profound meaning, citing his “radical lifestyle” of personal devotion and service to others. Michael’s wife shares his approach to service and recently began working at a local homeless shelter.

Michael Clark is a happily independent developer whose love for people lead him to the dynamic social community that lives at Gravitate.