Community Manager Positions Open at Gravitate (Ames, Des Moines)

Gravitate—a workplace community for entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers—is the destination in Central Iowa to get work done. 

At Gravitate, we’ve designed a fun and unique atmosphere in an effort to increase the happiness and productivity of the people who work here, whether they’re building a startup, growing a not-for-profit, working remotely for a Fortune 500 company or just working on their own project. Statistics say that by the year 2025, 40% of people will get to choose the location where they work. Some will prefer to work from home, some will choose to work from coffee shops and our bet is that most will seek out places like Gravitate, a coworking community where they can do their own work on their own time and still get all of the productivity, social and happiness benefits of being around other people.

We are growing! We’re hiring two part time Community Managers—one to help us expand in the Des Moines metro area and one to do the same in Ames. 

The ideal Gravitate Community Manager is equal parts connector, community builder and caretaker. They look forward to meeting new people and helping them find their place in the community. They’re also self-directed and willing to take on a variety of tasks as part of a small team.

This position is part time (expected 20 hours per week) so the quintessential candidate could also be working on something else—launching a new company, building a freelance career, a student, an artist, etc.—while seeing the value in the bit of structure and regular income that will come from being a Gravitate Community Manager.

Our Community Managers make sure our coworking communities function and will need to wear a lot of hats, like...

Host(ess): You make sure every member feels cared for and connected to you and the other members of the community. This includes making sure the workspace is clean and organized, that you know what the members are working on and the occasional housekeeping (making coffee, loading the dishwasher, pushing in chairs, etc.)

Business Development: You help market our community and our members through social media and occasionally attending networking events throughout the broader community. You give amazing tours, are able to follow our sales process to get the right people into the space to keep it at capacity. You get members signed up in our system, on all the right email lists and connected to the Internet and printer. And you make sure they know and follow the house rules!

Concierge: You’re plugged in and willing to share the best places to go for lunch and you know (or are willing to seek out) about upcoming festivals and events throughout the metro.


  • You love people—talking with them, listening, connecting them
  • Generally Technology savvy—not afraid to help a new person get set up on the printer or Slack and are comfortable with basic social media. 
  • Have an interest in hosting and participating in events—planning and executing them
  • Great communicator—members and visitors not only feel comfortable talking to you but WANT to chat with you each day (and you can balance that with getting work done).
  • Plugged into the local community—know what Meetups and user groups to check out and which ones we want to host.
  • Past experience in as a member in a coworking community is a plus! 

If you’re interested, please send your resume and an email about why you think you’d be amazing at this role. Email and address the email Geoff. You can find more about us on our website at