Become a Founding Member of Gravitate Ames 🚀

We've been working on the idea of launching a Gravitate coworking community in Ames for awhile now. The process hasn't moved quite as fast as we'd like but we have been working behind the scenes to get things going. Now we’ve set a goal to open by early summer. While it seems like that gives us plenty of time, it will be here before you know it.

The only thing we’re still working to confirm is how many interested coworkers there are in the Ames community to make sure that we size the space correctly.

In order to do that, we’re offering the chance to be a “Founding Member” of Gravitate Ames. Founding Members can join us by purchasing their first month’s membership today at 50% of our normal membership fees. We’ll hold that as a deposit now and you’ll be able to keep that rate for your first three months (yeah!).

Additionally, all of our Founding Members will be recognized permanently in the space similarly to our crew of Founding Members in the Des Moines community.

Founding Membership options:

  • Floating Desk: $75/mo (regularly $150) — A shared desk space in the Bullpen, accessible 24x7. It's yours for the day!
  • Dedicated Desk: $125/mo (regularly $250) — A desk reserved just for you! Leave your monitors, family photos and assorted tchotchkes over night.
  • After Hours:  $37.50/mo (regularly $75) — A seat in the Bullpen but only after 5 PM and on weekends
  • Office: $225/mo (regularly $450) —A dedicated office with locking door for 1-3 people (limited availability)

If you want to help this project get off the ground and become a asset in the Ames community, click here to become a Founding Member today.