#GraviMember Spotlight: Geoff Wood

It's a beautiful day to brag about our founder and #spacecaptain Geoff Wood for our very first #gravimember spotlight!

Being a remote worker during various points in his life Geoff constantly felt the need for a community surrounding him. When he noticed that there was a serious need for a coworking space in Des Moines, Iowa he jumped at the opportunity to start his own in 2014.

Geoff typically spends his days at Gravitate running from one "overdue task" to the next and spending time with his family and #spacecompanion Hercules (pictured to Geoff's right) during his time off. Geoff's obvious passion lies with entrepreneurs as he has been helping to build the entrepreneurial community in Iowa since 2009. Geoff couldn't picture doing anything else as he truly is Gravitate's driving force.

Geoff's favorite place in Des Moines is Fong's Pizza, the OG downtown one, of course and loves to jam to 90's music, more so now than in the actual 90's where he listened more to 70's music - in which Geoff adds that time is a flat circle. 

Stay tuned each week for a new blog post featuring our hip, creative and ever-so-interesting members residing both at our Valley Junction and Downtown spaces! Stay rad!