#Gravi-Member Spotlight: Gaby Gaass

On this gloomy Thursday morning here in Des Moines we would like to introduce our spunky, stylish #gravimember Ms. Gaby Gaass for this week's #GraviMember spotlight!

Gaby has been using the Gravitate downtown space for 2 years where she works as a graphic designer for Insurance Social Media, "an agency focused on helping insurance professionals harvest the power of effective social media."  To add to her awesomeness Gaby is also a freelance designer, jumping at any opportunity that arises! In fact, Gaby just did some work for us where she created a new pop-up banner for Gravitate to use at events - check it out below!

Gaby came to Gravitate looking for a work space, but in her words she gained so much more. She treasures the strong community that Gravitate has built since it's start in 2014, enjoying the little things such as potlucks, lunch and learns, and art openings that make Gravitate "something special".

When Gaby isn't enjoying herself at Gravitate she finds joy in lounging with her furry cat babies, exploring anything encompassing the Art Center in Des Moines and browsing housing - even when she isn't looking to move. You bet there are detailed spreadsheets involved!

If Gaby were to play Dungeon and Dragons her name would be something painfully human in honor of all the people that do that to their pets, such as Roger. Think about it. Have you ever met a dog named Roger you didn't like? *drops mic*

Interested in more of Gaby's supa-cool life? Visit her website www.gabriellegaass.com to checkout her extensive portfolio and incredible talents! See you next week! Gravi-out!