#Gravi-Member Spotlight: Terrence Thames

Happy Thursday friends and fans! It's THAT day of the week, time for a new #Gravi-Member Spotlight! Gravitate is excited to introduce Terrence Thames, owner and creative director at Cocoa Creative Agency. Terrence has tons of experience with videography, production and creative services, making him one of our go-to members for creative advice!

Terrence moved to Iowa from the south side of Chicago when he was 9 years old. His mother decided that in order for her son to prosper she would send him to live with his 18 year old cousin in Iowa who would then raise him until he went off to college at Kirkwood Community College. Terrence claims that decision made by his mother and cousin completely changed the trajectory of his life and for that he is extremely thankful.

Terrence is happily married to a supermodel where they both work to raise their three children ages 7, 8, and 9. 

During Terrence's free time he enjoys listening to gospel rap and playing the drums, a secret talent of his. His Dungeon and Dragon's name is Thamus Maximus and unlike many of our members Terrence is not a huge drinker, so his go-to drink during happy hour would have to be ginger ale!

Terrence has a team of interns working alongside him this summer who are "rocking it." Everything that Terrence does is done with purpose and passion, something Gravitate members have the ability to see every day. 

Aside from his work, Terrence finds passion in minority entrepreneurship, supplier diversity, and economic opportunities for marginalized communities. He also finds the ideas behind wealth building and economic mobility extremely fascinating and hopes to play a larger role in the growth of those ideas someday. 

Terrence came to Gravitate for the flexibility and affordability of the space, but has stayed for 3 years due to the community. When asked which Gravi-Member Terrence would like to switch places with for a day, he responded with Geoff Wood. You have already been introduced to our infamous space captain, so it isn't a surprise that was his answer. In Terrence's words: "Geoff Wood - A very smart person, but I would love to learn about all of decisions that go into running his businesses. I am also planning to start my own incubator one day, so I would like to get a "day in the life of" experience in doing something similar."

As we wrap up this #Gravi-Member Spotlight I will leave you with a piece of entrepreneurial advice from Terrence. 

"Don't let anyone or anything limit what you want to do or how you want to grow your business. Cocoa's experience in growth also includes growing outside of what Des Moines (and Iowa) has to offer. Contrary to popular opinion, Iowa is NOT the best place for entrepreneurs, especially if you are a women entrepreneur or a minority entrepreneur. Statistically Iowa is actually the state worst in the nation for minority entrepreneurs and this is not changing anytime soon. Be the best at what you do, be authentic and be smart about how you go about growing."

See you next week! Stay cool and dry! #Graviout