#Gravi-Member Spotlight: Edgar Ortiz

Happy belated 4th of July everyone! I hope your day was spent getting lit with fireworks and plenty of adult beverages! For this week's #Gravi-Member Spotlight we are featuring Edgar Ortiz, a Local Veteran's Employment Representative for Iowa Workforce Development. Being a veteran himself, Edgar finds joy in helping those that need employment find a second chance. Edgar also helps companies understand how to hire and work with veterans, as well as those who made mistakes in their life, but are still viable employees. Thank you for your past service and present fight to help make the world a better place Edgar!

Edgar was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but according to him was pulled up to Iowa by his wife. Edgar claims he still hates the cold to which my response was, "who doesn't!?"

Our office space, vibes, cool plants and bright windows aren't always the reason our members enjoy working here. In fact, this is a circumstance where our community provided the value! Edgar enjoys his time at Gravitate because of two in particular gravi-members, Kyle and Dan. "SEO Experts are the best!! Kyle and Dan. Their drive, their commitment and how they want to help have a better community is what I love. I want to work around people like them." 

Edgar dreams to one day be full-time at Gravitate accompanied by his staffing agency to help local companies fulfill their talent acquisition needs. Let's make that dream happen!

Here are a few answers to some of the fun questions we asked Edgar!

The nerdiest thing Edgar does in his spare time is quote Sheldon Cooper.

His favorite place in Des Moines is Downtown!

Edgar's go-to drink during happy hour is Jameson and Coke- we have a whiskey man on our hands!

His guilty pleasure is chocolate, making a great segue way into the question, "what is your go-to midnight snack?" In which he responded M&M's! Yum!

To continue the pattern of go-to's, Edgar's go-to karaoke song is Living on a Prayer by Journey. Solid choice!

The best concert he has ever attended was Van Halen! He didn't get to meet Eddy, but it was still an experience he will never forget!

When asked who Edgar would like to swap places with for a day he responded with Kyle Steele. Kyle works for SEO Experts and has a huge heart and tons passion for what he believes in. Kyle is someone Edgar definitely admires and enjoys working around. 

Edgar's advice to any young professional or entrepreneur is this. "Get a mentor. Don't do it alone. This thing is frickin' hard, but don't quit!!"

As a shameless plug, if you have a need for great talent call Edgar at 515-442-4554!

As always, thanks for reading this week's #Gravi-Member Spotlight! I hope those 4th of July festivities spill over into the weekend! Stay safe and have fun! #graviout