#Gravi-Member Spotlight: Jeff Shinrock

Happy August everybody! For this week's #Gravi-Member Spotlight we are featuring a very special Gravitater. Jeff Shinrock has literally been with Gravitate Coworking since day one and we are so excited for his next adventure at the end of August (which I will tell you about later)! Keep reading for a little bit of background and some fun-facts about our favorite dude! 

Jeff was born in Marion, Iowa before venturing over to Storm Lake, Iowa to attend school at Buena Vista University. After school he traveled to Cedar Rapids to serve some "mandatory time" in the corporate world working as a Programmer/Analyst at Rockwell Collins. Jeff was then lured to Ames where he helped Workiva (then called WebFilings) build toward their IPO as a Software Engineer. Jeff's next path would lead him to Des Moines - but his first encounter with a coworking space wasn't with us. Startup City was the first coworking space Des Moines had, but when they decided to close their doors Geoff Wood (founder and Space Captain of Gravitate Coworking) saved the day! Jeff moved to Gravitate's space where he continued to work for Bunchball as Senior Developer .

Currently Jeff works for Vacasa, a modern vacation rental management team based out of Portland, Oregon as Lead Software Engineer. He and his wife Anya will actually be relocating to Portland at the end of the month! We are extremely excited to see the ways Jeff thrives in Oregon, but are definitely bummed to see him go. Our doors will always be open to you Jeff! You can't resist our Gravitational pull!

As we say goodbye to our close friend we would love to share some fun facts about him with you!

- Jeff is passionate about a lot of things which makes him such a well-rounded person! Photography, vintage sports cars, intramural sports, 3D printing, music recording/production/enjoyment and good friends are just a few!

- The nerdiest thing Jeff does in his spare time is discover the inner workings and mechanical complexities of a 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano Quadrifoglio Verde! I can dig it!

- Jeff's favorite place in Des Moines is the Library Cafe! Classic!

- Sir Jeff, "the poorly named" is Jeff's Dungeon and Dragon's name!

- Jeff's go-to happy hour drink is a good Midwest Pale Ale! He is currently digging Dragon Flute from Karben4!

- Lightly salted cashews are Jeff's go to midnight snack!

- Between Marvel and DC Jeff is a no-brainer Marvel fan! He grew up with boxes and boxes of the Marvel Universe! Good choice Jeff!

"Get your ego out of the way. Disagreement does not equal disrespect. A startup isn't the place to flex on your co-workers." That is Jeff's advice to future entrepreneurs and I don't think it could have been said any better!

Subtle plug before we #graviout - Jeff's artwork will be in our downtown space beginning this Friday! This Friday is also First Friday (FREE) Coworking Day, so stop on down, hang out with some cool people, get a little work done and checkout Jeff's collection of Space Plants! 

*See below for pictures!

See you next week for another #Gravi-Member Spotlight! #graviout