#Gravi-Member Spotlight: Julien Duhautois

Thirsty Thursday anyone? I know I'm in! Good afternoon and welcome back for a NEW #Gravi-Member Spotlight! This week we are bragging about our favorite Frenchman, Julien Duhautois! You know what to do, but I will remind you! Keep reading!

Julien was born in Ottawa, Canada, but has a French nationality...he swears! His parents were just fooling around out of the country for a little while - TMI? We love it! He grew up in a town of about a million people in France called Templeuve, which is near Lille. In 2010 Julien landed in Iowa to finish his bachelor's degree in Art of International Trade as a foreign exchange student and has called Iowa his home ever since.

Julien keeps himself busy during the week by working as Senior Client Solutions Strategist for SmartLead, a company that offers integrated marketing services based out of Cedar Rapids. Julien has been working with SmartLead for 6 years and counting! Julien also began doing consulting work for Club Car (the golf manufacturer) this year! He has enjoyed the consulting work he has done thus far and hopes to do more in the future. "Hit me up with challenges; we'll find a solution together!"

When we asked Julien what he loves about Gravitate he responded with the impeccable care we have for our members. He adds that there is a great balance between members driving Gravitate forward as well as Gravitate driving its members forward! The two-way street is definitely necessary for success! Great insight! 

Here are a few fun facts about Julien!

- His main passions are traveling and tennis. "I love traveling because it opens the mind. It helps building empathy. Every country and city has a different history, culture, food item and lesson you can learn from." Julien enjoy tennis because it is one of the most difficult sports he knows. It is a physical, technical and mental game - something that is difficult to master!

- His favorite place in Des Moines is his home. With all of the traveling and exploring Julien does he enjoys coming back home and sleeping in his bed when he can!

- His go to happy hour drink is beer...because it's cheap and tastes good!

- His guilty pleasure is Peanut M&Ms, and he would like to add that he ate an entire "share" sized pack to himself in one day!

- Julien's go-to karaoke song is whatever yours is! You can always count on him to join you up on stage!

- If Julien were to swap places with another Gravitater for a day it would be Wes for the simple reason that his dedicated desk is in the best spot!

- His favorite family tradition is Christmas dinner! Julien loves how special his family makes it!

- If it were between Marvel and DC Julien would choose Marvel because they have a better sense of humor!

If you'd like to know anything more about Julien, or would like to connect to hear about the consulting services he offers definitely reach out to him! Julien is a treasured member and we are so happy to house him at our space! Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we will see you next week for another #Gravi-Member Spotlight! #graviout