Member Spotlight



DEG is full-service agency headquartered in Overland Park, Kan., but they also have a team located at Gravitate. DEG brings together strategy, creative, and technology to deliver the best solutions for it's customers. I recently was able to chat with Ben Robie, an architect at DEG, to learn a little more about what he does, and why he loves working at Gravitate.

Fostering a Global Community in downtown Des Moines: Meet Gravitate’s International Members

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to take time to reflect and remember all the reasons we have to give thanks. At Gravitate, we’re thankful to be part of Des Moines’ strong, vibrant entrepreneurial community. We’re thankful for innovative ideas, supportive community partners, and a diverse collection of passionate members. So as Americans prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we’d like to introduce you to some Gravitate members who originally hail from outside of the United States.


It isn’t uncommon to still be searching for your passion in life several decades in. Many of us are still asking ourselves what we want to be when we grow up far into our 30's, 40's and beyond. Some of us, though, find that spark so quickly it is electrifying and it drives us further than anything we ever dreamed. 

Brad Dwyer first started programming at an age when many of us hardly knew how to use a computer, and has continued to push boundaries and challenge himself since then. I had the opportunity to chat with Brad about his Des Moines based startup Hatchlings, his background, and why he has decided to call Gravitate home.

Susan Gentz

Susan Gentz met her husband on Capital Hill in a Senator’s office somewhat notorious for successful matchmaking. “It’s a true D.C. nerd love story,” said Susan. The office known for true love is none other than that of Iowa’s longstanding Senator Chuck Grassley – perhaps surprising as cupid. And the experience led to the happiest moment of her life.

Michael W. Clark

Michael Clark is a native Iowan and a dedicated freelance software developer who loves the freedom and creativity it offers him. At the same time, he’s a naturally social animal, and, after moving back to Des Moines from a stint in Wisconsin in early 2016, Michael realized that he missed the routine, structure and camaraderie that a traditional setting sometimes offers. So, he signed up at Gravitate.