Power Rankings

Iowa Startup Power Rankings—September

As promised, it's early, well, mid-September and the Iowa Startup Power Rankings are back for their fifth iteration, this time covering the good works of the people, institutions and companies that make up the Iowa startup community throughout all of August.

Iowa Startup Power Rankings—July/August

We're now four months into doing the monthly Iowa Startup Power Rankings and I'm tweaking things just a bit. Rather than posting towards the end of the month with a floating time frame for recognition, I've decided to push the publish date until after the first of the month. That means that we'll be able to consistently recognize the efforts of the people and companies in our community from the calendar month prior. Also, it means that this post isn't technically late even though today is August 3rd and the post is about July (when all else fails, change the rules).

Iowa Startup Power Rankings—June

Power Rankings Month #3! This month the rankings are more of "startup community" rankings as two support organizations that do a lot for entrepreneurs in Iowa make the list for the first time and in the top two positions. They're followed on the list by three startups, two of which return to the rankings for their second straight month.

Iowa Startup Power Rankings—May

Welcome back to the Iowa Startup Power Rankings! We kicked things off with a bang last month as Tourney Machine was a clear number one after their big news of being acquired by Sports Illustrated Play. They are absent from the list this month (sorry folks—an acquisition or IPO means you're ineligible moving forward) and we welcome three new companies to their first ever power rankings.

Iowa Startup Power Rankings—April

Welcome to the first ever Iowa Startup Community Power Rankings! The idea is to highlight the most interesting things being done within our statewide community at any given time. The plan is to publish around mid-month and recognize companies for the things they've accomplished in the 30 (or so) days prior.

The five most interesting startups in Des Moines

It’s on me to have a list of most-interesting startups to share and promote and I realized that I’ve never done that publicly. So, I sat down this week and put together my own current top five “most interesting” list.