Pear Deck

Iowa Startup Power Rankings—July/August

We're now four months into doing the monthly Iowa Startup Power Rankings and I'm tweaking things just a bit. Rather than posting towards the end of the month with a floating time frame for recognition, I've decided to push the publish date until after the first of the month. That means that we'll be able to consistently recognize the efforts of the people and companies in our community from the calendar month prior. Also, it means that this post isn't technically late even though today is August 3rd and the post is about July (when all else fails, change the rules).

The five most interesting startups in Des Moines

It’s on me to have a list of most-interesting startups to share and promote and I realized that I’ve never done that publicly. So, I sat down this week and put together my own current top five “most interesting” list.

Pear Deck - this week's fourth story

I typically put together the Welch Avenue Weekly on Monday nights after I comb through content from throughout the last week. Once or twice a story will break on Tuesday morning that needs to be in that week's newsletter forcing me to cut a story that was in the night before. This was one of those weeks with the Banno acquisition announced yesterday. The story that I pushed was a profile of Pear Deck (Iowa City) on SPN and now I'm publishing it here.