Changing up the Welch Avenue Show

Wednesday was our 30th episode of the Welch Avenue Show. That episode marks the completion of the initial run of the show as funded by 62 members, friends and supporters of the Iowa Startup Community who participated in our kickstarter campaign.

For these first 30 episodes, we recorded after 1 Million Cups (Des Moines) right from Green Grounds Cafe. This was a great pairing but over time we found that in some aspects it was limiting:

  • Chris (co-host) & Frank (technical director) couldn’t participate in 1MC since they were setting up during that time
  • 1MC attendees didn’t necessarily watch the show since they had just seen the guest’s pitch in person
  • There wasn’t a lot of room to iterate on the format of the show itself.

So, we’re changing things up!

For the past few weeks we’ve been thinking about moving the show to the evening. I mentioned it to a few people this week and they unanimously encouraged it. So here’s what we’re thinking:

  • Record live on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. CDT at StartupCity DSM.
  • Incorporate a live audience (Thursday is open co-working at StartupCity)
  • How about weekly drinks sponsors for the guests and the audience?
  • A more relaxed and fun show

The goal of everything at Welch Avenue is to grow the Iowa startup/tech community. What would you like to see from the show and how can we best accomplish our goal.

Let us know in the comments.