#Gravi-Member Spotlight: Matt Fiscus

Hello there! Welcome back for another #Gravi-Member Spotlight! This week we have the pleasure of introducing Matt Fiscus to you fine people. He is a floating member at our downtown location bringing laughs, cats and his staple ringtone for all to enjoy. Keep reading for a little bio and some fun facts about this one-of-a-kind Gravitater!

Matt was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa before moving to Des Moines 3 years ago. Matt loved Council Bluffs, aside from the casinos which caused people to refer to it as Council-Tucky for some reason, but made the move to be closer to friends and family. 

Matt works remotely as a Business Analyst for DocuStream Inc. - a company whose primary business function is to work with Community Health Plans in the San Francisco bay area on compliance with State and Federal requirements. This is a long winded way of saying they help the Community Health Plans operate within their budget, which can be difficult because administrative efficiency isn't always their strong suit. DocuStream does things like enrollments, integration, and everyday processing of their correspondences to and from providers (doctors), while also typically handling their reporting back to the Federal government and any new projects that come down the pipeline.

Matt initially came to Gravitate because his company liked the pricing and leasing options our space offers, but he personally likes us because of our awesome community. "It is a community of some of the smartest people I know. Coming to Gravitate every day has been great for networking because it has allowed me to market myself in a genuine and personable way, simply due to the fact that people recognize me and my work ethic."

Matt's biggest passion is the healthcare industry. Having worked in this industry for nearly 8 years Matt has seen quite a lot of things that need improvements. Particularly he wants to  work to ensure that everyone receives the quality of life you would expect from living in the United States!

The nerdiest thing Matt does in his spare time is play Skyrim!

His favorite place in Des Moines is on his bike...I assume exploring the Des Moines Bike Trails and Downtown!

His Dungeon and Dragon's name is Bruce Willis! NOICE!

Matt's guilty pleasure is anything his girlfriend Mallory makes - which I would like to note that Matt and Mallory met through Gravitate! #matchmakerstatus

His go-to midnight snack is coconut water...I'm trying hard not to judge that one!

Matt would max-out his credit card on a trip to Japan!

His hidden talent is playing the guitar and writing songs! 

Matt prefers Marvel over DC for one reason - AVENGERS!

If Matt could switch places with another Gravitater it would be Julien Duhautois because he has been working on his French accent (Julien is French) and because he is killer at SQL, which Matt admires!

Matt's family has a pretty awesome tradition that his dad started randomly. It consists of calling up a family member on their birthday and singing Happy Birthday at the top of your lungs while they have to sit there silently and listen to the whole thing. You don't even wait for them to say hello - you just start singing the moment they pickup! That's gold!

Thanks for reading about our Healthcare Junkie. Matt brings tons of joy to our community and we are so happy to be able to share a teensy bit of him with you! See you next week for another #Gravi-Member Spotlight! For now...#graviout