3 Questions with an iOS Magician at Sqwiggle

Cameron Webb - iOS Magician at Sqwiggle

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What is Sqwiggle and what do you do there?

Sqwiggle is a remote collaboration tool that focuses on enabling and improving human interaction as if folks were working together in the same space. I'm currently writing an iPad port of the main Sqwiggle application.

What are you most excited about in moving back to Iowa?

I'm excited to get involved with the startup scene. I've been keeping tabs since I left Iowa in '09, and things seem like they've been on the upswing for a while now. Plus, I'm digging the fact that Des Moines has a place like StartupCity where I can be thrown right in the thick of entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. Definitely removes the worry of moving to a new city and wondering how and where the heck you are going to start networking.

What startup/technology - other than Sqwiggle - do you most admire?

I'm going to give 2 answers:

  1. You said I shouldn't, but I'm going to anyway :p: Sqwiggle. Why? I get to move from Atlanta to Des Moines and I'm just as connected to the team as before. How crazy is that? I was driven to this company because of the very reason that it doesn't matter where you are; you can be just as productive remote with coworkers as you are in-person. The last company I worked for spent a lot time and frustration working through remote issues (between Los Angeles and Atlanta), and when I found Sqwiggle it was a total game-changer for the small team I was on.
  2. While they are not entirely a startup, I'd say T-Mobile. I admire the fact they took a dire situation back in 2011 (ie., selling to AT&T and subsequently having sale blocked by Department of Justice) and turned themselves into a huge game-changer. Their radical approach to marketing and ditching contracts has entirely differentiated themselves from ATT & Verizon. Along with the no contract schtick, they do a good job of empowering their customers and making them feel more in control of their cellular plans, when, ok fine, you could argue that paying in full for a device is similar to an ETF. Now, if they could only enhance their cell service in rural Iowa...  

Photo Credit: Headshot courtesy of Webb. Magician image via thaquela